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You have made it to the website of Levolution, the cosmic process and scientific paradigm. The author coined the term and bought the domain name "" in the last millenium, 1999.

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Here at this site, you can get the quick lowdown on Levolution, a paradigm shifting set of perspectives about the universe and how it has been built, one level at a time, and through the newly described mechanism of Thermodynamic Natural Selection.


Thermodynamic Natural Selection

Thermodynamic Natural Selection, as it is recognized here, is probably the most confusing point, so let me say right here that it is considered to include several varieties of the essential phenomena that controls what types of systems survive in the future through differential subtraction, which we can see is the fate of those discrete energy-flowing systems that dont receive a full allocation of the energy that makes them exist. This also must be viewed in the light of causal chains that spring from thermodynamic concerns. Chemical, ecological, and even gravitational selection criteria can all be traced to energetic concerns by causal sequences. This is simply due to the universal nature of energy and thermodynamics.

First, there is Darwin's type, which is the biological case of it and involves primarily reproductive success as a fitness criterion. As we know, reproduction is how genetic lineages are perpetuated, or how they are represented in the future. While reproduction is essential in biology, it is not a requirement of Thermodynamic Natural Selection in the more general cases.

Second, we have "environmental constraints" as a type of natural selection. This concept, used mostly in physics and chemistry, is simply a vague way to refer to the environmental factors of a reaction, like temperature or pressure, that will govern the stability of entities or molecules in some situation. Constraints, like natural selection in general, control what can happen in terms of reactions, etc.

Thirdly, there is the natural selection that is simply removal from a frame of reference. Especially when considering gravitational dissipative structures, we have to consider frames of reference because the reach of gravity is very long. Without a frame of reference, there would be no boundary condition for any gravitational object.



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